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Your Top 3 Questions Answered for Communion This Year!

So your little girl has just started P4? You know what that means... Her First Communion is this year! Wohoo!

Some Mums have been counting down to this and some Mum's aren't quite sure what protocol is! lol I have been getting facebook messages and instagram DM's daily the past few weeks so let me answer some questions!

  1. Are the new dresses in yet?

  2. When can I make an appointment?

  3. When is the best time to come?

If your little girl has just started P4 her Communion will usually be May/June 2022. (Covid are you listening, you WILL be gone by then right?!) Like all fashion, Communion dresses run in seasons too, so new season dresses for Communion 2022 will be arriving September and early October REALLY SOON!!! Yay!

One of our little beauties from last years Communion!

So to answer theeee most popular question, I am not taking appointments just yet, my diary isn't open at the moment. I like to make sure all the gowns have arrived and everything is ready to go before I have my first appointment. I would hate for anyone to have their appointment and pick a dress, then new ones arrive you love more! So this ensures you have the full range in store to choose from!

Don't worry you won't miss when the diary opens, I will be shouting it from the roof tops! Follow us on social media and you will be the first to know! There are LOTS of appointments so please don't worry you won't get in. We work after school, evenings and all weekend-Saturdays and even Sundays!

Another little beauty who found her dream dress with us!

When is the right time to make an appointment? Well this is totally up to you. I can give you some pointers and you can decide, there really is no right or wrong!

My advice? The earlier the better! October and November are my favourite months! Lots of excited mum's and little girls all finding their dream dress! I know to some that may seem crazy but I still stand by the earlier the better! We have a one style per school policy, the earlier you come the more selection you have!

Worried about size? Please don't! We always leave plenty of growing room. If your little girl fits an age 7 at your appointment we order an age 8. Also, our dresses are from the best designers, they are made with extra inches in the seams. In most cases an age 8 dress can be let out to an age 10. So please take my word for it... don't worry about coming too early!

The happiest little lady ever, and doesn’t this photo show it!

Still a little dubious? That's fine too! We have had appointments a month before Communion date, and even one the week before (that poor mum had an online mishap!) and those little girls looked P.E.R.F.E.C.T and were kitted out in shoes, dresses and tiaras so if you would feel better waiting a few months that's ok too!

Just a little something to bear in mind- when you order with us your dress will be made to order. And this can take up to 12 weeks...crazy right?! When you see our dresses you will realise why, the detail, the beading... it has to be just right! Last orders for dresses will be the end of January, so again, for the best choice we definitely advise choosing your dress before then!

I am SO excited to meet all the little girls and Mums for this year. You will absolutely NOT be disappointed, the dresses this year are just out of this world! Whether you prefer a sparkly ballet length dress or something a little more simple…we have it ALL!

See you soon! Lots of Love,

Kellie x

This is Cara! Kitted out head to toe in Fifi’s Frills for her big day!

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